Software InfoCAP3000

The main menu of InfoCAP3000

InfoCAP3000 is a PC program (Windows) capable of managing all the BetaCAP series gas dividers functions automatically and unattended.

Through the main menu you can access the functions:

  • Preferences : type of diluter, language selection and translations
  • Update DataBase : site registry with cylinders and tools
  • Composition : setting the test sequence with timing
  • Setup : description of physical connections to the gas divider
  • Execution : handling and monitoring of the test run
  • Trends : graph indicating concentrations measured vs. theoretical
  • Certification : form selection and printing of the test report

The test is defined through a list of “steps” that correspond to the different commands that the program gives to the diluter via RS485 according to the AK protocol : some commands (eg: activate the dilution factor XX / 30) are explicitly included in the list, while others (eg: detects the value of the pressure or instrument measurements) are implicitly managed by the software. For each position in the list, the command is chosen from those available (drop-down menu) and is often characterized by one or more parameters (eg: time, dilution factor …). No programming knowledge is required.

To function properly and usefully, it is important that the measurement signals of the instruments receiving the diluted gas are connected to the diluter through the interface provided. In this way the software is informed about the expected values and two measured values of concentration, thus being able to evaluate the deviations and draw up a report with the results of the test.

User languages

A menu is provided for the translation of the user interface in different languages: all the menus and the identification labels of the fields are shown in a table of five columns, each dedicated to a language. By activating the desired language, all the writings appear translated. In addition to the main languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, a sixth language can be predefined by the User (including languages that use character sets different from Europeans)

Test reporting

Certificate or test report

Based on the data automatically saved during the test, a report can be automatically prepared immediately or at a later time. Some “forms” are available that define the structure of the document “Test report”: these can be customized in almost all the details by the User, based on his preferences and / or on the type of test they have to document. It is evident that a linearity test on 5 points repeated 3 times will require a greater number of boxes than a similar test but without repetitions. The most appropriate format, if already built, is chosen by the user when drafting the test report.