BetaCAP30 is a gas divider that uses 30 capillaries, to operate 31 dilution ratios (between 0 and 100% of the concentration to be diluted). The choice of 30 capillaries is not aimed at carrying out tests on 30 steps, but to increase the diluter application flexibility reducing the number of … Leggi tutto


BetaCAP30X100 is a gas divider in two stages with 100 + 30 equal capillaries, designed to operate 31 dilution ratios linearly scaled between 0 and 100%) and 30 more between 3.000: 1 and 100: 1. While the first range of dilutions gets the main application of the analyzers for emissions, … Leggi tutto


BetaCAP60-3G is a 60-step diluter, capable of diluting 2 gases in a diluting gas, in any relationship between them. BetaCAP60-3G was created to satisfy the need of combining linearity tests with the possibility of performing interference tests. For this purpose, having two components (measuring and interfering) pure or contained in … Leggi tutto


BetaCAP60X100 -The top class divider of Be.T.A. Strumentazione BetaCAP60X100 a compact diluter with 3 inputs (two gases to be diluted in a diluting gas), pre-dilution just for an input and flow comparator for self-checking with relative deviations calculation. BetaCAP60X100 is built complying with the principles that inspire the entire Be.T.A. … Leggi tutto

Software InfoCAP3000

InfoCAP3000 is a PC program (Windows) capable of managing all the BetaCAP series gas dividers functions automatically and unattended. Through the main menu you can access the functions: Preferences : type of diluter, language selection and translations Update DataBase : site registry with cylinders and tools Composition : setting the … Leggi tutto