The first choice: which operating principle?

If you are looking for reliable information, do not ask the sellers, but the users

Obviously we still talk about diluters: different manufacturers who use different operating principles and different construction methods … all the best in the world! But some accounts don’t agree : the best can only be one or, very unlikely, they are all tied.

Probably every manufacturer sees and exalts his or her presumed advantages and does not see, or does not want to see, the advantages of his competitors … all that remains is for him to promote the advantages of his own production and underline his weaknesses.

Most of the potential customers specialize in the “Gas measurements” sector or in any case, exercise this activity periodically and, frequently, it has only recently learned of the existence of gas diluters and has considered their use. Will he be able to filter the commercial information of the different manufacturers by getting a correct idea of ​​which is “the best”, or the most suitable for his use? The word-of-mouth is certainly the most effective tool for a conscious choice, but not everyone has the opportunity and humility to hear the opinion of more informed colleagues.

The first use, but in particular the use over time, allows the user to understand his needs and how much of them are satisfied by the product he uses, but it remains to be seen if another product can solve his problems. We are already at an advanced stage of knowledge and it is therefore possible that a possible next choice will be the right one.

At this point it’s up to the manufacturers to be visible and the Internet is the best fair: open every day of the year at all hours, but that’s not enough: here the “reputation” comes into play: unless improbable “ignominies” , reputation is formed with repeated observations of existence, even better if accompanied by a minimum of approval. Let me explain better: when an Internet visitor sees the name of a brand the first time it excludes it a priori (“never seen before” is already a negative evaluation), the second time perhaps he remembers having perhaps already seen it, the third time considers it a reality to be evaluated.

We don’t repeat it yet, everybody does it, but we really have the best production, mainly for the techniques we use, but also for the respect we have towards our customers. In Italy we are certainly the market leaders in the environmental sector, while in the world (necessary to achieve sustainable production volumes) we are almost unknown: we wait to be seen “the third time” (-: to acquire the due reputation. The word of mouth, which has worked so well within the Italian borders, is struggling to overcome them.

To date we have concentrated on improving products and completing the range: in 2020 our “must” is overcoming the geographical boundary lines for our market.