Be.T.A. Strumentazione changes location

Here opposite, the “devil’s saddle” divides the many kilometres long beach of Poetto from the city of Cagliari

Be.T.A. Strumentazione consists of:

  • few brains, with the addition of some legs and arms
  • some special tools, which occupy less than 1 cubic meter each
  • workstations and warehouse. (components, semi-finished and finished products

All this can be crammed into a modest-sized truck, with “as desired” destination.

In fact we moved all above pieces to a new address (both legal site and operations site) to

via dei Gemelli, 9 (loc. Torre delle Stelle) 09069 Maracalagonis (CA)

After spending my long working life, first as an employee between Milan, Sesto San Giovanni and Cinisello Balsamo and now, for 15 years as a craftsman in Borgolavezzaro, I spontaneously thought: am i obliged to continue up to the end of mt life ? I’m not talking about work, which is my passion, but about the location!

I have been waiting and looking for the opportunity for many years, but now we are there! We move to Sardinia, and not to Barbagia or Aspromonte, but on the South coast, half an hour East of Cagliari in “Torre delle Stelle” … and the name gives the right idea of the place.

The works to arrange the place for receiving me and my work did stop because of Coronavirus, but as soon as the new premises are ready to receive us, we will have to spend a few days for moving and new accommodation, but then … even the cows make more milk when they are happy!

When it is time to change the addresses, we will communicate the new coordinates to Clients and Suppliers.

Torre delle Stelle – via dei Gemelli, 7 (temporary location)

NOTE applied in January 2021 : Now we work in the new site located in via dei Gemelli, 9 – (Loc. Torre delle Stelle) – 09069 Maracalagonis (CA)