Products data sheets


Over the years, our production had been subject to review for improvement, with the addition of ancillary features that we put at the disposal of all our existing customers where possible. We try to keep updated the documentation downloaded from this site, so that should bring the features of the latest version.

Data sheet BetaCAP30 and BetaCAP30RK

Diluter with 30 equal capillaries, with electronic pressure regulation : it produces 31 dilution ratios extremely accurate and offers many additional functions in a compact and shocks proof case. BetaCAP30RK version differs only in the case 19″ rack and is described in the same bulletin of BetaCAP30.

Data sheet BetaCAP30X100

Diluter with 100 + 30 identical capillaries, with electronic pressures regulation: complete of pre-diluter 1: 100, it produces two ranges, each with 30 dilution steps very accurately. For applications with emission monitoring analyzers and with air quality monitoring analyzers (measurement ranges in ppb and test gases in ppm)

Data sheet BetaCAP60-3G

Diluter with 60 equal capillaries, with electronic pressures control : mix thoroughly and proportions freely selectable two gas mixtures in a diluent gas. In addition to the tests of linearity, it allows the performance of  interference tests.

Data sheet  BetaCAP60X100

BetaCAP60-3G too may be eqiped with the BetaCAP1A100 pre-scaler to allow very high dilutions on one gas inlet (TG1). Available both in the compact case or in a 19″ rack it allows diluting up to 1:12.000 the first inlet and up to 1:120 the second

Data sheet of the software InfoCAP3000

The series of CAP30 diluters can be managed remotely by PC, with full control of all functions available locally. The two ways “talking” between diluter and PC is via RS485 serial port (with USB adapter) and AK protocol. The software InfoCAP30, very versatile, do allow the execution of linearity tests in accordance with procedures set by the user.            It works with all the BetaCAP diluters family