The Company

Origins and technology

A family-run company, which from 2005 deals exclusively with gas diluters, just using the technique of equal capillaries, which was adopted after some experiences with different techniques.

The background of tre available technical knowledge ranges necessarily from analytical instrumentation to mechanics, electronics, physics and mathematics ….. with a little of ‘chemistry.

Until now the most part of the incomes were reinvested in the Company:

  • Studies and prototypes of new products or new developments and updates for existing products, provided free of charge to all customers;
  • Design and construction of test equipment for internal use, mainly dedicated to the activities of capillaries selection.

In fact, the techniques that we use for the selection of the equal capillaries are key to ensuring the quality of production even before the “calibration”. We also use functions to automatically correct the found errors, but these are quite marginal: often the measure of the errors on the finished product is affected by a higher uncertainty of the extent of actual errors.

In fact, as made clear on the page Gas_Dividers_Technology.html, the selection of equal capillaries (before assembly) it is inherently much less uncertain than the subsequent verification on the end product, even if performed with less sophisticated and not traceable equipment.

The peculiarities of the production

All our diluters are equipped with electronic regulation of the pressures at the ends of the capillaries: this function, in addition to offering a repeatability better than ± 1 mbar of 2000, it has allowed us to implement useful functions for automatic compensation of certificated errors and viscosity, the sole external parameter which depends on the composition of the used mixtures.

The different products that we have developed are designed to meet different requirements:

  • Verification of linearity of gas analyzers for emissions, automotive, process and laboratory;
  • Verification of linearity and calibration of analyzers for air quality monitoring using high concentration cylinders;
  • Measurement of cross sensitivities and linearity.

All are equipped with a large display in which all the variables that can affect the process of dilution are shown , so that the operator can immediately identify the cause of an abnormal response and possibly provide for corrective actions.

All are fitted with inputs for acquisition of analog signals: they are used to provide up to three measurement signals from the analyzer being verified with remote management. In such a case, an optional software package makes possible the automatic management of the test, which can also be unmanned. The verbal or test certificate is drawn up automatically in a format complying with what is indicated by the standard EN14181.    

The sales force

That’s the only activity that we know we have neglected, not because we did not tribute the due importance, but because we deal exclusively with too specific products : if we decide to contact a potential customer and find out he has just purchased a diluter or that he will not use it, we have no other products to be presented and we wasted our time and his own.

On the other hand, we consider each of our acquired clients as a possible “seller”: apart from a few cases, our gas dividers are used on different locations where them are seen and evaluated by different people and companies, which somehow have interests in analytical field.

Here it’s important the satisfaction of our customers : we have tried to provide the best product and the best technical support: when questioned, we know they demonstrate their satisfaction.

At least one of every two supplied diluters, veins by “word of mouth” and it generates new “word of mouth”; to us the responsibility to maintain a high level of satisfaction.

A particularly important and valued aspect of our production is the stability of performance for years: this has led us to indicate our customers a suggested interval of three years between two calibrations and our handling time for the audit and certification is lower than 30 days so as to minimize the time of unavailability of the diluter.

The cost savings of certification in a few years of operation, can be a reason for choicing our gas diluters