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We design and produce gas diluters only, but…. we do it well!

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With simple basic technologies, used in an advanced way we get very low uncertainty, minimum drift, high ruggedness and reliability in very compact units.

The gas diluter that gave, 10 years ago, the kick off to our adventure, today is being revised second time : the first revision did include important changes (hardware and firmware) and was given for free to all our clients. The second (just firmware changes) introducing important new features, is being threated in the same way.

This way of working did imply high costs : that’s our marketing cost. In fact very few resources are spent for the commercial activity : our clients take wiith them our products for testing various plants and meet their clients and other technical services providers. When requested, we know they declare themself satisfied of their choice, promoting our business. This is one of the most important component of our marketing, together with this renewed web site : We just answer when interested people call us and may focus on developing new products or features and how improving the high quality in the production and testing.

Manifold type structure

Capillaries are incorporated between two solid shells and the rest of pneumatical components are nestled or in touch with the manifold surface. all the gas connections are obtained by communicating holes between the capillaries ends and the various components, like pressure sensors, solenoid valves, proportional valves. This way of building leads to various advantages

  • Compact and rugged construction
  • Extreme reduction of dead volumes
  • Uniformity of the internal temperature
  • Easy access to components
  • Reduction of leaking events, due to minimum fittings number.
  • Uniform production quality.

Equal capillaries technique and PID pressures control

Selecting equal capillaries with very high accuracy is relatively easy (with suitable tools), much easier than measuring or characterizing elements in a wide flows range : High resolution and repeatability is the sole feature required to the test bench. A capillary of the lot is used to check periodically the bench alignment and the results do confirm our good choice.     Another important requirement to get accurate results is the balancing of applied pressures : we use electronic (PID) regulation and compensated pressure sensors, placed very near to capillaries ends.

Regulation is differential (inlet-outlet) on both sides (gas to be diluted and diluting gas). PID control offers a repeatability of ±1 mBar on the pressures balancing, sure better than mechanical regulators may do, but in addition it allows controlling the set points by electronics : this feature is used both for setting the diluted gas flow and to provide special functions (Certified errors compensation, different viscosity compensation and the new operative mode “free selection of the wanted diluted concentration”): absolutely new for capillary type diluters !

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