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MTGS Remote Cylinders selection unit (on BetaCAP30RK)

MTGS : Multiple Test Gases Selector

When a CAP30 series diluter is handled "remote" from a PC, with the InfoCAP30 software or with a software designed by the customer, great possibilities of automation are available, also thanks to the fact that all of the aforementioned dilutors series are equiped with a module for the acquisition of the measurement signals by the instrument under test.

The only obstacle to the activation of a continuous series of tests which may involve more instruments (connected in parallel or series) and more cylinders containing the reference mixtures is due to the need for operator intervention to connect in sequence the different cylinders. The need is particularly felt when an analytical system is equipped in a stable manner of the diluter and the required set of cylinders (typical the case of the emission measurement in engine test stands, but also in some of emissions or monitoring air quality)

This need has been so satisfied with the MTGS module, BetaCAP30available in both compact external "execution" or embedded module in a 19 "rack Diluter. While on the face of the extender are available, in addition to the output of diluted gases, two inputs (for a gas to be diluted and a diluent gas), other 6 inputs are available on the rear panel or separate unit, pictured here on the right.

Each of the 6 additional inputs (5 reference span gas and 1 alternative diluent) can be connected alternatively to the two principal on the basis of a command from the remote, which is typically generated by the logic that manages the test ramps.

For calibration, or in general the tests carried out on a complete analysis system is not enough the acquisition of only three or four measures of concentration: two analog inputs were then de-multiplexed so that two inputs for each span cylinder are available to which connect the two measuring signals of the involved analyzers.

Download the technical data sheet MTGS [633 kB ]

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Pneumatic diagram of the diluter BetaCAP30 with MTGS  




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