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Gas diluter capable of producing 30 different dilution ratios equally spaced in the range 0 ... 100%.        It uses 30 equal capillaries and electronic control (PID) of pressures at the ends of the capillaries to ensures accurate, repeatable results. Built into a compact and rugged case is suitable to withstand frequent transports and  industrial plants environ-ment  ...Read more


 Gas diluter with two dilution ranges :
- 30 steps equally spaced between 0 and 100%
- 30 more steps equally spaced between 100:1 and 3,000:1.
The module BetaCAP30 is in fact preceded by a fixed ratio 100:1 pre-divider  which is bypassed automatically when not required. Both modules are managed by the unic interface ....Read more


BetaCAP60-3G is the union of two BetaCAP30 modules which allows the dilution of three gases between them. Each of the three gases can be directed to a number of capillaries that can vary between 0 and 60. In addition to the tests of linearity is therefore possible to perform interference test from other than measured component varying the concentration of the cross interfering gas  ...Read more


Built with the same components of BetaCAP30, is contained in a 19 "rack (3 units x 250 mm deep).  A flow meter with needle valve is connected in the bypass output and increased size may allow the addition of optional modules.  It may be operated both "step by step" (selecting the dilution ratio) or continuous way (selecting the output diluted concentration) : same flexibility of MFC diluters, but with the well known stability of capillaries.  .... Read more


MTGS Multiple test gases selector (option)

In a separate case or inside the 19" rack diluter, this device selects one of 6 calibration gas and one of 2 dilution gases. It is driven by the diluter when it runs "remote mode" under a PC program ...Read more

InfoCAP30 (option)

For automatic testing of linearity using BetaCAP30 diluters     The SW package is equipped with a rich set of functions and processes that can be included in the test procedures : the automatic viscosity cal-culation is just one of them.  The trend of measured vs. theoretical concentration is another.     The final result is the drafting of a report compliant with the norm EN14181,  ...Read more