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We are very satisfied with the quality we did reach in our production, we are convinced that we have made the right "base" choices and contributed with several innovations to improve the capillaries technique. Obviously, in our articles we try to pass our enthusiasm on to our prospective customers, while trying to maintain a certain balance:  if the reader will feel too much emphasis we invite him to let us know .... we will give us a set.

Equal capillaries advantages

Equal capillaries based gas diluters may be biult with the higher accuracy when compared with all the other techniques : this is due to advantages in gas diluter "calibration".  Calibration process for a capillary type diluter is all in the capillaries selection process : in this process the fact of having to repeat measurements in the same narrow band is the origin of such advantage.  Here we see why.

Download the paper "Equal Capillaries Advantages" [321 kB ]


Cap30 Schema

Equal capillaries selection process

A good selection process of the equal capillaries and a careful execution are the basis for the high performance in our diluters: here are shown the main elements, including different equipment that we have developed and realized to reduce uncertainties with  the most important but also the dullest of our activities.  The production potential too is greatly increased.

Download the paper "Capillaries selection" [150 kB ]

Selection tools

Cap30 Schema

Advanced compensations and corrections

BetaCAP30 e BetaCAP30X100 do use the Automatic pressures control function with calculated set point to perform compensation (of viscosities) and correction (of certified errors). A final empyrical function corrects the effect of real gases versus ideal and of real (not fully laminar) flow in the capillaries.

Download the paper "Calc. description CAP30.pdf" [906 KB]

Advanced calculations

Cap30 Schema

Self-referring calibration for BetaCAP60-3G

The three inputs gas divider BetaCAP60-3G is in the lucky contition of having two equal modules, each with equal capillaries: this quality had been used to setup a free PC software that may check and (if requested) correct the non linearity diluter errors. This is done with the help of an optional module with laminating flow elements and low range pressure meter The advantage of this technique is that the measuring instruments are absolutely not required to be linear or accurate, but the calibration it is : check to believe !

Download the paper "BetaCAP60-3G SelfTest" [126 KB ]

BetaCAP60-3G Calibration

Cap30 Schema

PowerPoint presentation of Self-referring calibration

The above textual description is accurate, but it requires some time to digest it : for faster readers we offer the PowerPoint presentation : with more images and less text it's faster.

Download the PowerPoint file "SelfRefCalCAP60PPT" [1.893 kB ]

Self-ref.Cal - CAP60-3G

Cap30 Schema