BetaCAP30X100 is a gas divider in two stages with 100 + 30 equal capillaries, designed to operate 31 dilution ratios linearly scaled between 0 and 100%) and 30 more between 3.000: 1 and 100: 1.

While the first range of dilutions gets the main application of the analyzers for emissions, the second is aimed to tests of analyzers air quality (immission). BetaCAP30X100 is built in a 19 "rack to hold two modules:

  • BetaCAP1A100 is a pre-divider by 100 fixed ratio with 100 capillaries, automatic regulation of the input pressures , automatic regulation (bypass) of the output pressure and with a bypass solenoid that allows the inclusion / exclusion of the pre-divider

  • BetaCAP30 is the diluter with 30 capillaries, to achieve 30 dilution steps. This module is described in detail in the corresponding page, where you can download the relevant technical data sheet .


The pre-diluter is controlled by a separate electronics, but his functions are coordinated by the main interface (display / keypad) so that the operator does not have to worry about the interfacing of the two modules

The mechanical stability of the capillaries, combined with fine filtration at the inlets, do ensure the maintenance over time of the low-uncertainty in dilution factors. The inlet pressures of both sides are electronically regulated (PID) and the operator is just requested to provide enough pressure to inlet fittings for the gas to be diluted and the diluting gas  To reduce the flow of diluted gas is sufficient to reduce the set point of the pressure at the inlet of the final diluter.

Any difference in viscosity of the two inlet gases is easily compensated unbalancing the pressures applied to the capillaries according to the formula P1 / P0 = η1 / η0 : when the user writes the value η1 / η0 in the test gas menu, the viscosities compensation is automatically handled by the diluter logics. The viscosities ratio is easily calculated by the spreadsheet you may find in this web site. The user may set the wanted output gas flow by setting the P1 pressure : P0 will be managed accordinghly by the diluter and the flow is linearly growing with the applied pressures.

Download the data sheet BetaCAP30X100 [337 kB ]

Diagrams and options

Pneumatic diagram and pressures control function Continuous dilution range with capillaries ? Yes, we do. The Option "Multiple test gas selection"

Multiple test gas bottlesEven for BetaCAP30X100 it's available the option "multiple test gases selection": only in "remote operation mode" offers the possibility to select one of six test gas cylinders to be diluted and of one out of two diluting gas cylinders. The option is provided ti estend the tests (managed by PC) to multi-component analysis benches. With this option 10 isolated analog inputs are kept available for receiving the measurement signals from analyzers in the test: the 10 signals are used two at a time for each of the additional 5 test gas cylinders . An additional analog input is always available (normally used for the sixth cylinder, the one connected to the front fittings).

More details

The basic version is built using fluorinated plastics (PFDV)

The 30 steps unit too may be supplied made by AISI316L"

An internal view of the "All Steel" version.

Features and advantages