BetaCAP30 is built with 30 equal capillaries to provide 31 dilution rates at constant steps in a compact and rugged case .

Why we did decide 30 capillaries is a good number ? for sure not to allow 30 steps linearity test : it vould be crazy.

Not always it's available a test gas concentration matching correctly the analyzer measuring range ;

- sometime (in case of two ranges analyzer, one test gas is matching the first or the second, but a second test gas must be provided for the other range.

- sometime the matching test gas concentration is not available (may be cylinder empty or being re-filled)

With BetaCAP30, it's possible to prescale the test gas by up to 6 (Kdil.= 5:30) and 5 more steps are till available to test linearity or it's possible to prescale by up to 3 (Kdil.= 10:30) and 10 more steps are available to test linearity (EPA test).


The mechanical stability of the capillaries, combined with the fine filtration (0.1 micron) of the inputs do ensure the duration for a long time of the low dilution factors uncertainty. To balance the diluter is necessary to apply equal pressures at the two input gases (gas to be diluted and diluting gas): for this purpose the pressures at the inlet of the capillaries on the two branches and at the common outlet are accurately measured and both differentials input-output: are controlled electronically (PID). With set points easily adjustable, the controller provides balancing pressures with repeatability better than ±1  hPa (0,5% at 2 000 hPa)

Any difference in viscosity of the two inlet gases is easily compensated unbalancing the pressures applied to the capillaries according to the formula P1 / P0 = η1 / η0. The user is just requested to indicate the ratio η1 / η0 in the test gas menu : he can find it in this site, where it is provided the spreadsheet with automatic calculation of the viscosity of a gaseous mixture.    With the optional software InfoCAP30 you can easily manage automatic linearity tests (setting the ramp details) until the release of the test report drawn according to the norm EN14181.

Download the data sheet of BetaCAP30 [590 kB ]

Diagram and options

Pneumatic diagram and pressures control details  Continuous dilution with capillaries ? Yes we do it Option "Multiple test gases selection"

Selettore bombole multipleFor "fixed" applications with remote management (with the software InfoCAP30 or other software by the user) the diluter BetaCAP30 communicates via RS485 port and open protocol type AK.            All the functions can be controlled and 3 concentration values measured by the analyzers in the test can be acquired through the gas divider. To further increase the possibilities of automation it's optionally available a module for selecting one out of six gas cylinders to be diluted and of one out of two diluting gases. This module is installed internally with the diluter BetaCAP30RK (the 19" version) or externally with the compact version BetaCAP30. This unit is managed in remote mode by PC software, allowing the remote complete testing of an analytical sistem with up to ten gas analysis : for that purpose, the analog inlets are de-multiplexed in a way to have two different analog inlets for each additional test gas selected.

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