InfoCAP3000 is a PC program (Windows) handling remotely all the functions of the BetaCAP diluters in unattended way

The main menu drives the User through all the software functions :

  • Preferences allows selecting the used gas divider and the preferred language. it also allows for correcting the 5 languages translations or to easily create a new language choice

  • Update DataBase to input the wanted test gases and gas analyzers, organized by "Site". A wide list of chemical components is also included in the DB with the parameters required for internal calculations (Viscosities and measuring units adapting)

  • Sequences design (all the functions of the BetaCAP dividers may be sequenced for automatic runs

  • Test interfaces design : test gases and analyzer measuring signals are associated to the relevant fittings and terminal board

  • Execution allows launching, pausing or interrupting the test sequence and displays all the real time parameters involved in the test : pressures setpoints and measured and concentrations theoretical and measured

  • Trend displays graphically the wanted concentration and the measured value : it's also printed in the report

  • The "Spot Test" is handled step by step by the User, but it may be stored with recorded times and repeated automatically. It may also generete automatically the reports

  • Reports are automatically generated according to the template selected by the User. Templates are easily composed or modified based on OpenOffice file

The linearity test is managed through a timed series of "steps" corresponding to the diluter functions. The program, according to the previous settings, drives the gas diluter through his RS485 serial port, with AK protocol. : some command is explicitly written in the list (i.e.: activate dilution factor XX/30) and some other (es.:get the pressures measurement) is handled implicitly by the software. Each explicit test step is chosen by an available commands list (drop down box), and is completed (when required) by additional parameters (like time or function attribute).  It is not required skillness in programming.


The CAP30 series of diluters is already designed to compensate for errors. Setting compensation by the software may be useful in some case :

a) when viscosities (span mixture and dluting gas) are different, the value of viscosities ratio is sent to the diluter, which provides the compensation unbalancing accordinghly the pressures.

b) When the diluter is not equiped with automatic pressures control (old supplies) the pressures compensation function calculates the diluted concentration modified by the measured unbalanced pressures. 

 The test gas concentration units are automatically converted to match the units used for the analyzer measuring range, When the two units are referred to different bases (Weight and Volume), the conversion complies with the set normalization (different for emissions monitoring or for Air quality monitoring)

During the test run, for each of the three acquired analog signals, the test trend is displayed, both for measured concentration and theoretical calculated : this allows checking visually if the set times are  complying with the analyzer responce time.  At the end of each test procedure, the relevant values (acquired or calculated) are automatically saved for editing (when requested) the test report.   


Download the data sheet  InfoCAP30 [693 kB ]

Test documentation

Report or test certificate

When the software is requested to display or print a certificate, a selection list including all previous tests is displayed (ordered by date-time) : the selected file is converted to PDF according to the wanted format.  A basic format is available, which may be modified by the user : more formats may be saved.  The "basic" format is composed by three pages :

a) a "registry" page, including the test refereces (serial numbers and technical details of test gases, snalyzers, gas divider, test procedure reference and environmental conditions (initial and final) 

b) a test run presentation with steps and results list and the graph with trends of real measurement vs. theoretical

c) a results page, presenting the calculated results complying with the requirements of the norm EN14181.

Latest news

The new software InfoCAP3000 is now available  June 14 2017

Advantages of InfoCAP30